You can now download a fillable PDF, fill in the information on your computer and email it back to us. You can still choose to download the PDF, print & fill in your information and mail to us the completed form.

Download the following forms:

Application Fee must be paid before you submit your application (either digital or in paper form).  To submit your form by fax, mail, in person or through email please indicate on page 5 of the application your payment confirmation # from our webstore or that you have enclosed a cheque.

Pay your application fee at our webstore: click here

Submitting The Application & Reference Forms

If you choose to print this form and mail it into our offices please send it to:

Kingdom Culture Ministries
P.O. Box 17010 1937 Portobello Blvd
Ottawa, ON Canada K4A 4W8

Other methods of submission:
Fax - You may also choose to fax the document to us at 1(613)749-5022
Email - You can save this document and send it via email. Email to